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Title: Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
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Kingdom Hearts 3 - Battle Theme of the Kingdom of Arendelle. (Imagined)

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Kingdom Hearts, (キングダムハーツ)

*Keyblades pixel credit: (x)

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Make me choose between two characters and I’ll make an edit with my answer

Ventus or Vanitas

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This one is to promote FFX remaster edition!

Happy Early Valentine’s Day, followers!

For those who are single.. Happy Early Single Awareness Day!

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Square Enix going crazy with LR Launch. 

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Had to share it with everyone because I thought it was cute and interesting.

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Lightning Returns- Unboxing the Collector’s Edition.

Sorry for not posting on fuckyeahsquareenix for a while! We will post up more things real soon !

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SQEX BRIDGE updated today with the latest development team report for Kingdom Hearts χ[chi], detailing a tremendous update over the course of December and January. With new worlds, stronger Keyblades, incredible enemies and upcoming seasonal events, you certainly won’t want to miss this!

Of course, there is the matter of the message at the end of the report. 

Several months ago, Series Director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] would soon receive a new content update that would lead into the illustrious KINGDOM HEARTS III. There’s been little information since that announcement until today, when Nomura finally spoke up again. He speaks of amysterious passage within the Foreteller’s Script that contains an important fact that leads into the conclusion of the Xehanort Saga

In Kingdom Hearts, everything connects to the main storyline. Because of this, he urges players not to overlook Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] and to please look forward to the upcoming expansion.

You can read the full translation on our site, thanks to Zephyr.

Read More →

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Cloud (FFVII:AC).

He’s so cute<3

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I’m more powerful than I ever was, but it came with a price. I’m not even sure if I’m human anymore…

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