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Hi everyone!!

If you’re a fan of Kingdom Hearts and an artist, then please check out a new twitter trend my friend and I have been preparing!

Anyone is able to participate, so long as you have twitter. Just draw for the theme/prompt we put out on our twitter and tag your tweet and drawing with #kh_69min, and we’ll RT that onto our twitter for everyone to see!

For everyone to participate, we’re going to try and keep our prompts as SFW as possible, so we won’t RT anything that’s R-18, but you’re more than welcome to draw whatever your creative minds allow you to! 

To get things started, we will be putting up a new theme every Friday at 11PM PST, rather than the usual daily prompts. We’ll start picking up the pace once we have more participants!

Follow us at Kingdom Hearts 69min and stay tuned for our upcoming, first theme tomorrow at 11PM PST!

If you have any questions as to what or how to join in the fun, please message me/tweet me! I’ll be more than glad to answer your questions! See you all on twitter!!!!!

Please help spread word by reblogging! Lots of love, fellow keyblade wielders!

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Lightning: an infographic

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requested by

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Kingdom Hearts Trios: 3/3

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The Key to make everyone Happy!

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Send me two characters and I’ll make an edit with the one I choose

Roxas or Ventus

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— ❝I see. Your strength...
Who is inside you is...
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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX (x)

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Vierawood Plays Final Fantasy X - 24/?
Auron Returns: Final Fantasy X
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If we should get separated, just w h i s t l e

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